Webbie - Full Of Dat Shit (feat. Lil` Boosie) Lyrics:
I`m full of dat s**t
I`m full of dat s**t
I`m full of dat s**t
I`m full of dat s**t
I`m full of dat s**t
I`m full of dat s**t

Now if you ever catch me leanin` to the side
Red eyes in my ride wit` the music up high
Bad bitch up on my side, I might be gettin` on her ass
So I`m grippin` on her thighs, play me I don`t even gon` try
I`m full of dat s**t

Now you might catch me `wit my cutie
Ridin` bumping that Boosie
One hand on the wheel the other hand on the cootchie
Big stacks, big gats, Nextel, Motorolas, doga after douga
I`m full of dat s**t

In the club by the bar, my ni**az we twitchin` gars
Spending pitches wit my boys, jumping, stomping, makin` noise
On the block serving junkies making money thumpin` toys
I ain`t in the mood for it
I`m full of dat s**t

We in the club throwin` 4s, pourin` 4s
Blowin` Joes, fresh clothes, gotta ni**a head drove
V.I.P. doors is where we go when we gon` party
That ex got us retarded, ecstacy
I`m full of dat s**t

[Incomprehensible] off countin` cheese wit Boosie in Tennessee
Red bitches on they knees suckin` and catchin` semen
Wit` some dark lochs on, the sun ain`t even beaming
You ain`t even tryin` to see
I`m full of dat s**t

I`m in the room wit` something nasty, big, fine and sassy
On top that girl be actin`, she even called me daddy
I hit in the Caddy on the way to the classic
I fell asleep all in traffic
I`m full of dat s**t

In the room wit` something sexy, caramel complexion
Both of us butt naked, don`t give it to me I`ll take it
No time for no cakin`, I`m stabbin` it like I`m Jason
I serve it like I`m crazy
I`m full of dat s**t

You can catch me by the school zone
Wit` my McKinley Blue on wit` a too long
That`ll have you, you, you and you gone
You ni**az hatin` on these boys `cause we trill and we drink all night
I`m full of dat s**t

Sharp as a bow and arrow, to deep enough to marrow
Clutchin` on the double barrel, hollin` bitch it don`t matter
Wit the class clown actin` no sense and go get the paddle
That`ll have you actin` badder
I`m full of dat s**t

I`m in the room wit` Halle Berry, I swear this girl Halle Berry
`Cuz she shave `round her cherry and she smile when she get ready
And keep wit` that confetti
We ridin` heavy Chevy`s gettin` high every second
I`m full of dat s**t

On the way to the mall wit` a bad lil broad
Slob all over my balls, she lickin through my draws
Wit` my main man wit` me, I hittin` `em on the phone
That`s my motherf**kin` dog
I`m full of dat s**t

I hit the stage buckin` hard got the whole club rockin`
Hennessey to Hypnotic got me thinkin` bout the projects
Stop it that`s my role, ni**a
You know every time you see me I`m pourin` 4s
I`m full of dat s**t

Drivin` on the sidewalk in the dark like I don`t care
Flyin` through the stop signs like them bitches wasn`t [Incomprehensible]
Buck up to the ceiling spilling Hennessey and beer
We done shot ya in the ear
I`m full of dat s**t

I`m in New Orleans wit` Lil` Wayne, platinum chains, platinum women
If you tell them girls, sick me then you know they gon` come and get me
They gon` rub me, they gon` lick me, they gon` keep a ni**a smilin`
I can`t stop wildin`
I`m full of dat s**t

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