Walls Of Jericho - A Little Piece Of Me Lyrics:
let`s not sugar coat this, it`s not that sweet, my mind restrains my lips from speaking those words no one wants to hear, those words someone has to say.
it`s time to kiss goodbye.
i`m so close to ripping out my heart, i`m so close to throwing it in your face.
where will i be then ?
no better off than i am now.
alone, afraid, desensitized.
this is not the first time and i`m sure its not the last.
this is the thing i am sure of, the one thing i know.
let me ask you a question, do you know what`s wrong with me ?
can you give me an answer ?
if not then leave me the f**k alone, quit playing hero.
honestly these tears are not for you, these tears are for me.
the me inside of me, the one that no one sees, the me i strive to be.
i am so alone, and i`m afraid of becoming desensitized.
at least i think that`s what i want.
do you know what i want ?
do you know who i am ?
do you like who i`ve become ?

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